Our Purpose

We are proud to be the marketing team that caters to your specific needs. Our business experience includes planning marketing proposals that are transparent and effective. When working with us, you have the ability to check the progress of your projects at any time using business cloud technologies. Let us take care of your marketing needs by giving you the content you need to establish your presence and reach more people.

Sleeping Alligators, LLC. is changing the way business owners spend their hard-earned capital to start their business. We relieve the hassle and stress that comes with building your social presence by working with you to determine your most relevant key performance indicators and structure a cost-efficient marketing strategy to provide the content necessary to achieve those targets.

The Difference

Sleeping Alligators, LLC. is not a company that is promising your business more quality leads or search optimization by charging a monthly fee. We believe in demonstrating our value by capturing and creating content that is relevant for your business and delivering them to you in a convenient, automated manner so that you don’t have to worry about your next posts. We work with real people with real livelihoods and understand the rigors of keeping your business at the forefront of the digital marketing age.

Who We Work With

Are we a good fit to work together? We are perfect for:

  • Startups seeking to minimize marketing costs

  • Existing businesses working on a tight marketing budget

  • Private events, personal requests, and contract labor

Are you a non-profit organization or have 501(c)(3) status?

We work with a different non-profit organization every month and provide select available services for your cause–free of charge! Please send us an email about your mission and inquire about how we can help you. We guarantee it will cost you $0.

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