The Alligators

Sleeping Alligators are multi-faceted individuals, not just photographers, editors, writers, graphic artists, web designers, philosophers or filmmakers, but an eclectic mix of interdisciplinary skillsets, driven to learn more, to do more, and to create more. Entrepreneurs at heart, creatives by passion, and salesmen by necessity, immersed in the start-up mentality that there is always something left to do. 


Ethan Lew

Founder, Director of Photography, Office DJ

Born & Raised in San Diego, Ethan Lew has been involved with cameras and filmmaking since his middle school days. Ethan graduated from New York University where he diversified his interests, double majoring in Urban Design and Political Science. After working for multiple Real Estate Consultant and Development shops on both coasts, Lew merged his analytical and artistic skills at Sleeping Alligator Studios. Conceptualizing his visual works as an extension of himself, Ethan seeks to shift the current landscape of storytelling, helping clients create visually engaging content supported by data. Your best bet to find Ethan is at Seaside reef where he flies his drone daily. 

Isaac Perez  (IP)

Founder, Director of Story, Producer/Writer

After failing freshman math and working at Whole Foods for a summer with Ethan, Isaac  (IP)  graduated from The Ohio State University in 3 years with a degree in English and Entrepreneurship, then he said, “ F*** the Cold” and moved back to SoCal ASAP to pursue a screenwriting career. While crashing his cousin’s sofa and writing his own screenplays, IP was mentored by a writer on HBO’s The Newsroom, moonlighting as a marketing consultant for startups in the Health and Wellness space. Craving an opportunity to engage in impactful storytelling, IP reunited with his childhood friend, Ethan, to create compelling projects and push the boundaries of the digital age.


John Case 

Film Editor + After Effects Specialist

Graduating early with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Film and Television from the Tisch School of the Arts, John was eager to leave the village behind to pursue his dreams of being a working professional in the entertainment industry. Three days after his last exam at NYU, John became a video editor for 21st Century Fox in the heart of Times Square. While dealing with the insanity of the 2016 election cycle, John branched out to work on projects for other companies including Marriott Hotels, Panna Cooking, and your favorite Sleeping Alligators! Being a native New Yorker means that John only knows how to approach a project with the perspective that if it ain't the biggest and greatest thing the world has ever seen then you can "fuggedaboutit"!

Johnny Banez


Chandler Evan

Founder, Director of Post Production, Stuntman

Chandler attended St. Lawrence University on a soccer scholarship, where he was voted rookie of the year and led his team to back-to-back conference championship victories. He made his way back to San Diego, CA, rekindling his passion for video editing and filmmaking, creating a portfolio that caught the eye of Piacomm Media Agency, who hired him to work on videos for clients like HP & Penske. When he’s not editing mind-boggling videos, you can find Chandler surfing with his GoPro, making smoothies, or walking his husky, Juneau. 

Joseph Nguyen